Nicky Pelupessy games

Quick info

  • Main role: level design
  • Software: Valve Hammer Editor, Source SDK, UDK, UE4, Unity, Maya, Photoshop, Flash, SVN, Git.
  • Education: Bachelor Game Design & Development
  • Industry experience: ~10 years

March of War

  • Company: ISOTX. Role: Lead Level Design. Software used: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, SVN.

March of War is an episodic free-to-play online strategy game set in an alternate 1940s conflict. Six unique factions engage in vividly rendered 3D battles. The objective is world domination! Players are offered a rich mix of dieselpunk armaments that will be familiar to players of the Iron Grip series.

My tasks

  • Create and maintain many levels for all game modes in different biomes.
  • Communicate closely with art, design and tech team to enhance each aspect.
  • Use paper prototype to test game design mechanics.
  • Maintain level design team (total of 3), guide intern and be main go-to person for level design in entire game.
  • Fix 2D and 3D art on occasion, to optimize or better fit into the inner works of Unity/our codebase.
  • Enhance custom in-house editor by tweaking code (C#).
  • Maintain documentation, like level design document (using Google docs and/or FogBugz).
March of War screenshot March of War screenshot


  • Company: MorePolygons (student group). Role: level design/game design/UI. Software used: UDK, Maya, Photoshop, Flash.

Taking place on planet P44-X, Grim is an online shooter that lets you experience the battle between the Persuasive Forces and the Insurgents. Made by six students, this game strives to set an example of what small teams can offer the game industry on a AAA-quality level. Including our three game-modes Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Breach, the game offers a fun and exciting experience for everyone who loves playing shooters and has a soft spot for high quality game art.

My tasks

  • Design and create at least 1 level for custom game mode Breach.
  • Design and create 1 extra deathmatch level.
  • Design game mechanics and test them out.
  • Design and code entire UI, menu and ingame HUD (Scaleform and Flash Actionscript 2.0).
  • Create team website (HTML, CSS, PHP).
  • Maintain documentation for all relevant aspects, like game design document (using Google docs).
Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot Grim screenshot


  • Company: Clover7 (student group). Role: level design/game design. Software used: Flash, Photoshop.

Conflix is a puzzle game designed for Upact in which players are challenged to prevent conflicts from happening by making sure every group has enough interest points. Play the game at

My tasks

Game design Level design